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Thriving in the volatile Australian betting industry is no easy feat, but at Champion Bets we’ve successfully met that challenge since 2006. We’re proud to have produced consistent high-quality results over a huge volume of bets while building a strong community of more than 21,000 horse racing and sports betting fans.


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Professional Ratings NSW & Snowy's Bets Analyst Nathan Snow
Ratings NSW & Snowy’s Bets

Former Sydney rails bookie turned professional punter who has a proven edge on the market and wins consistently. Nathan focuses on finding value runners and that often starts by trying to find reasons why the favourite can be beaten. Betting into the main NSW meetings, members have tripled their banks over the last 12 months.

Professional Melbourne Ratings Analyst Trevor Lawson
Melbourne Ratings

Surviving as a professional punter for 15 years is a wonderful achievement. Trevor watches race replays many times over, studies sectional times and generates custom-developed ratings for each previous run. Those figures are the basis for his rated prices, but he also finds a good edge by walking the track prior to any meeting he’s betting on.

Professional AFL Analysts Daniel & Stephen
AFL Tips

Both worked in one of Australia’s largest bookmaking firms where they gained a deep knowledge of how the industry works. They have a strong understanding of when to bet early and and when to wait. The bets recommended to members consistently beat the closing line (ie. the market moves in our favour) and this is a very strong indicator of success. The boys are off to an absolute flyer in 2016.

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Professional NRL Analyst Steve Green
NRL Tips

Worked for international and local bookmaking firms before developing his own statistical database and player rating system which achieved very good results. He analyses player, team, referee and weather statistics to help identify the best bets each week. But Steve isn’t just a number cruncher, he takes notes while watching every second of every single game and relies on both knowledge and hard work to spot angles that other punters miss.

Professional Sports Bets Analyst Matthew
Matt’s Sports Bets

An English fella (but smart enough to spend a lot of time in Australia), cricket has made up the majority of Matt’s betting income for the last 8 years. He is also incredibly passionate about NRL, but his betting doesn’t end there as he also follows the advice of fellow professional punters who specialise in darts, golf and Rugby union and shares those bets with members.

Professional Soccer Bets Analyst Jon Roberts
Golf Syndicate

These selections are over 25 years in the making, with this highly successful syndicate employing a team of full-time traders, analysts, modellers and course/player scouts to continue their highly profitable enterprise. The previews and picks provided to members are be part analysis, part trading, part probabilistic modelling, but above all are an exercise in how to professionally make consistent profits on a mainstream sport.

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Professional Trial Spy Bets Analyst Dean
Trial Spy

For a number of years now Dean has shown an amazing ability to find horses with above average ability purely from barrier trials. He has developed and fine-tuned a revolutionary approach to an area of form assessment that many punters either ignore or under-value. Many have tried to copy his approach, but no-one has come close to matching Dean’s record of better than 10% profit on turnover from close to 6000 bets.

Founder of Champion Bets David Duffield
Content & Member Manager

Mark is a keen writer, punter and recovering accountant. He joined the Champion Bets team in 2016 as Content & Member Manager. He loves both horse racing and sports betting, and is forever indebted to the Champion Bets analysts and professionals for lifesaving work performed on his punting bank.

Ratings SA Mastermind Adam Mintz
NBA and AFL Props

“I’ve rarely had a recreational bet in my life. Around 2009, I surveyed the investment landscape and made an assessment that sports betting offered the most bang-for-buck for return of capital. Because if you can find an advantage in the sports betting market, your so-called return bearing period is the duration of one single game, whereas in conventional financial markets that can be weeks, months, even years for long term investments. So I really liked the idea of engaging with sports betting markets, given the frequent cycling of capital with that asset class.”

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Betting 360 Podcast

Exclusive Industry Analysis, Interviews, Reviews and Tips. Betting 360 Has It All.

Exclusive Betting 360 Podcast

Our Betting 360 Podcast interviews Australian and international horse racing and sports betting experts to learn the secrets of their success. Chris Waller, Damien Oliver, Robbie Waterhouse, Dominic Beirne, Matt Tripp, Deane Lester, Vince Accardi and Nathan Snow are just some of the big names who have been on the show since it started in 2013.

Betting 360 is the best way to learn more about betting from successful punters. Each episode comes with a full show transcript and you can subscribe to receive updates as soon as the new episode goes live.

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