100% Free Tips For NCAA March Madness

College basketball's Christmas is here

NCAA college basketball March Madness

Scott Kellen has been on our NFL analyst for the last 4 seasons and has won every year.

He also has a model focused on the March Madness college basketball tournament. This is how it performed last season:

1st Round: 6-1

2nd Round: 4-3-1

3rd Round: 2-2

4th Round: 1-0

5th Round: 0-1

Total: 13-7-1 for a 65% strike-rate

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For some background on this model here’s more information from Scott:

I used to sell a membership package during March Madness which comprised mostly totals. But for a number of years I lost a set of power ratings that I’d used to develop those totals.

I regained access to them a couple of years ago which was a great result because while other power ratings were still OK I always felt very comfortable with this particular set.

In addition to that, while we had mostly good years and some outstanding years, I always felt there was a fair amount of volatility in the early rounds of the tournament.

That has worked well so far but of course that doesn’t guarantee it will work again this tournament. Please don’t go out of control with these games. Play an amount you are comfortable with and let’s hope for more winners than losers.

These tips are free because they’re still a work in progress. I would expect between 10-20 plays during the course of the tournament.

Look for an update with the first lot of bets tomorrow.

If March Madness isn’t your cup of tea then I’ll catch you for the next NFL season and until then may you have more winners than losers.

NCAA March Madness is like Christmas for College basketball fans, and you can get in on the action and excitement with Scott’s betting tips.

Last season Scott enjoyed a 65% winning strike-rate and this season they’re completely free.