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Champion Bets rugby league analyst Steve Green is well placed to record his fifth-straight winning betting season. He joins us to chat about the 2020 NRL betting season to date, how he sees the rest of the season unfolding, and his own shift to full-time professional punting.

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Mid-season NRL betting review

Our discussion with Steve covers:

  • Steve has gone full-time on the punt this year – how has the shift been?
  • The time now available due to the full-time focus… what’s the best way to use that?
  • The weekly schedule for a full-time punter like Steve
  • Keeping your emotions in check as a punter
  • Steve’s performance to date this year… how does he rate it?
  • The impact of the major break in the season between Rounds 2 and 3
  • The current NRL ladder… do it reflect the season’s performance?
  • The teams in the bottom half of the Top 8… can they threaten?
  • Can the Eels keep up their momentum for the rest of the season?
  • The speed of the Panthers’ improvement this season
  • The appalling performance of the Broncos
  • What needs to happen at the Broncos?
  • The Cowboys’ disappointing season.. will there be some improvement?
  • Early look at post-season Origin… are Queensland’s chances being underrated?
  • The impact of the 2020 rule changes on the game
  • The six-again rule… it’s implementation and the impact on scoring and momentum – the ability of opponents to target weak defender
  • The introduction of the captain’s challenge
  • Steve’s pre-season futures bets… how are they shaping up at this stage?
  • What does the rest of the 2020 season hold?
  • Steve’s non-footy betting – why he dabbles in non-sporting betting markets such as financial, currency, interest rate movements. Does he have an edge?

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