AFL Preview, AFL 2021

Long-time Champion Bets analyst Brett joins us on the podcast to talk about the AFL 2021 season and his two memberships for this year: AFL Tips and AFL Specials. We hear about Brett’s background in footy modelling and trading, plus any changes to his memberships for 2021.

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AFL 2021 with Brett’s Betting Syndicate

Our chat with Brett covers:

  • What Brett’s Syndicate has been up to… props betting across multiple sports, and racing projects
  • The focus on prop betting that has been so successful for the syndicate across many sports
  • Getting started in AFL nearly a decade ago, and the enormous amount of work that’s gone in since!
  • How Brett’s AFL modelling also takes into account all publicly-available models and data
  • The opportunity Brett got to trade AFL for a large trading fund in 2016
  • The focus on incidental improvement over the off-season
  • The purchase of new machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the modelling process
  • 2020 was a very strange year. How has Brett handled that from a modelling point of view?
  • The focus on data science that’s required to beat the market
  • Brett’s opinions on the upcoming season… and why he’s keen to keep them to himself for now!
  • The need to include some subjective knowledge along with the modelling process
  • The significance of the 2021 rule changes
  • AFL Tips and AFL Specials in 2021… should members expect any changes?
  • We’ll be betting earlier in the week at times this year. Why is that?
  • This year’s action: betting every day from Wednesday to Sunday!

There’s still time for you to jump on and bet the AFL 2021 season like a pro: check out AFL Tips and AFL Specials.

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