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Pete Roberts spent over a decade working full-time in AFL analysis and tech, ensuring players and coaches got the insights they needed to execute on game day. He joins us at the halfway point of a bizarre 2020 footy season to give us his thoughts, and provide some insights into how AFL clubs measure success internally – can we learn from that as fans, viewers and punters?

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AFL analysis in 2020

Our discussion with Pete covers:

  • Pete’s background in football – working for Hawthorn FC, Melbourne FC and third-party providers
  • Pete’s website Behind The Footy – how it shows the game from an analyst’s point of view
  • How do clubs measure success internally versus the external view of the fans… how ‘hardcore’ is it internally?
  • Which information – and how much of it – is provided to players
  • Looking the 2020 season…. How different is it to a more ‘normal’ season?
  • The complexity of the 2020 season due to the bizarre fixtures
  • The three biggest factors to look for when betting on the AFL in 2020, and how you can find an edge
  • Why the inside-50 count isn’t as reliable as it used to be when finding winners
  • Wet weather footy, and the myth regarding how much it takes out of players
  • Strange travel schedules in 2020 – is it affecting teams?
  • Matches at neutral venues in 2020
  • The clubs currently at the top of the AFL ladder… have any been surprising? Are there any question marks on them?
  • How shorter quarters are impacting footy, and why St Kilda’s style suits it
  • Is the current AFL Ladder flattering any clubs?
  • Do any teams look like making a run in the second half of the season?
  • Why any team in the finals in 2020 could win the premiership
  • How bad are things for Adelaide at the moment?
  • What is wrong at Melbourne? Can it be fixed?
  • The importance of teams scoring when they do get the ball forward
  • Has the rise of Gold Coast in 2020 been surprising?
  • The importance of taking into account team changes when looking at days break
  • The ‘expected score’ measure – how it works and why it’s important
  • The achilles heal for GWS at the moment

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