NRL pro punter

Champion Bets NRL pro punter Steve Green is our guest on this episode of the Betting 360 Podcast.

Bad beats. They’re certainly not fun, but they’re part of the game and happen to all punters, no matter what you’re betting on. As a full-time professional punter who’s been betting for many, many years, Steve has had his fair share and unfortunately, copped a shocker last week.

Bad beats can’t be avoided so we got him on to talk about how to avoid them having an impact on your punting in the immediate and long-term future.

Steve also gives us a quick betting preview of the first week of the NRL finals.

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Dealing with shocking beats with NRL pro punter Steve Green

Our discussion with Steve covers:

  • His futures bet from the pre-season – Kyle Flanagan (Roosters) to be top point-scorer in the league at $34. What happened?
  • Did he hedge the bet? Could or should he have?
  • His second late-season futures beat
  • Resilience and keeping your head: why it’s a necessary trait for successful punters
  • Yet another bad beat that Steve had a couple of years back
  • Putting bad beats into perspective
  • Immediately after a bad beat… what are some suggestions for what to do?
  • Should you distract yourself? Do something totally different?
  • Learning from your beat… what should you have done differently?
  • How to judge whether you should hedge your bets
  • Find your “happy place”!
  • How the experience of playing poker has helped Steve with dealing with bad beats
  • What not to do when you have a bad beat
  • Remember: there’s plenty more betting to come! Put things into persepctive
  • Steve’s thoughts on this weekend’s four finals matches… is there any value to be had in the markets?

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