Tancred Stakes

It’s a very unique time for everybody! Amid the various impacts that COVID-19 has had on racing and sport, Betfair volumes on Australian racing seem to have boomed. To get an idea of what the actual impact has been – and how punters might be able to take advantage of it – we had a chat to Betfair Australia Senior Content Marketing Manager James McLoughlin.

Our discussion with James covers:

  • What James does at Betfair Australia – the Betfair Hub and the role it plays in educating punters and giving them the confidence to increase their activity
  • The Betfair Australia Exchange throughout the COVID-19 period – what have been the impacts? Has Australian racing benefited from being one of the only codes to continue operating uninterrupted?
  • The loss of sport and the importance of Australia’s three racing codes throughout this period
  • The changes in liquidity during this period – increased interest from overseas
  • Betfair SP’s edge over tote products and is it providing even better dividends than usual at the moment?
  • Betfair SP on greyhound racing – why it offers such a great price
  • What is the cut-off for Betfair SP? Is it as soon as the race jumps or is there a delay?
  • Continued merger and acquisition activity in the Australian wagering market… what does that mean for Betfair Australia?


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