Betting 360 Ep 040 – Golf Betting with Peter Fenton

Betting 360 Podcast - Betting From All Angles This week we welcome to the show an expert golf bettor and former Touring Pro, Peter Fenton . Peter uses statistics alongside his own golfing experience to come up with solid value selections. He explains the ins and outs of golf betting and shares the techniques he uses to achieve success.

Punting Insights You’ll Find

  • Reasons why golf is a good sport to bet on.
  • What is the Professional Golfers’ Competitive Index and how to use it for betting.
  • How Peter uses statistics to give him an edge over other punters.
  • The differing importance of recent form versus course form.
  • The differences between golf betting in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Betting service packages available from Swingform.

Today’s Guest:

Peter’s Parting Advice:

 Your wins get you profits, but your places get you cash flow.”

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