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Champion Bets racing analyst Gareth Phillips joins us to discuss the changing nature of betting markets and where we find ourselves in 2020. After some recent significant changes to fixed-odds racing markets – including the departure of the biggest player – how has Gareth’s betting changed?

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Changing betting markets: the impact on a professional punter

Our discussion with Gareth covers:

  • Running a betting service for members – how different is it?
  • The uncertainty of wet tracks and how Gareth deals with it
  • Shifting focus quickly throughout winter – going to the tracks offering the best going
  • The changing market – why fixed odds at 9am doesn’t matter as much anymore
  • Why Gareth is betting Best of the Best, Best Tote and Betfair SP at the moment
  • How Gareth handles betting across two states – New South Wales and Queensland
  • Having the ability to eliminate non-betting races quickly
  • The extreme percentages at the top of the market resulting in less value on favourites
  • The departure of Dr Nick from Australian fixed odds markets… the huge impact on the market
  • The difficulty of making money in early morning markets these days: high market percentages vs knowing what will go off
  • How Dr Nick would ‘fix’ over-bet horses in the market, which is no longer happening
  • The impact of wet tracks on betting early or betting late
  • Is the new environment easier or more difficult for form analysts and punters?
  • Taking on favourites in the new environment versus back outsiders
  • Why Gareth is pumped to be betting on drier tracks in the coming months
  • Why the market is always changing

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