Betting 360

Champion Bets NSW Racing Analyst Mark Rhoden worked with bookmakers for many years, before going out on his own as a professional punter in 2016. Today on Betting 360, we chat about some of the challenges faced by a full-time punter including dealing with variance, working alone and adapting to an ever-changing market.

Discussion topics
  • Mark’s background and experience in the Australian bookmaking industry, from the early days in Darwin to trading for Australia’s largest bookie, Sportsbet.
  • Making the switch to full-time pro betting
  • Managing variance as a punter: dealing with flat spots versus big winning runs
  • The changing betting market: how increasing market percentages have impacted the way a punter needs to bet
  • The use of Betfair on NSW racing and the impact of the 10% commission rate
  • Big money races such as The Everest and the Golden Eagle… are they good betting propositions?

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