Betting 360, Betfair

In the latest episode of the Betting 360 Podcast, Betfair VIP Manager Nick Heathcote joins us to talk about how punters can grow what they do and become more profitable on the Exchange. We discuss:

    • What Nick does at Betfair
    • What’s happening at the VIP end of the market, and the impact of recent regulatory changes
    • How Betfair aims to get punters back from offshore operators
    • Punters that have grown their turnover and profitability: how can they take their next step? The tools that are available: Betfair Live, Bet Angel, Gruss.
    • Commission discount rates
    • Getting liquidity into Betfair markets earlier
    • The launch of Hong Kong racing on Betfair.

LAST WEEK: Betconnect with Daniel Schreiber

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