TopSport Podcast Episode 13

The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 13… On this episode of The Other Side, we chat with Tristan from TopSport about the crazy ride that 2020 took us all on, and how it’s changed the betting and bookmaking scene. We also get his thoughts on cricket as the Big Bash kicks off, and his wishlist for betting in 2021…

We’re all punters. And we speak to a lot of other punters. On The Other Side podcast series we jump the fence and speak with Tristan Merlehan, Director at TopSport, to get an insight into modern-day bookmaking.

Tristan takes us through how a modern corporate bookmaker operates, the issues they face, and how changes in racing and sport impact the business.

Have you got a question for Tristan about anything we’ve discussed, or anything else related to bookmaking? Just get in touch with us and we’ll ask him on the next episode.

The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 13

  • The Big Bash League kicks off.. futures action and new futures markets at TopSport
  • Same Game Multi on BBL is on the way
  • Matchday cricket trends – money coming late
  • In-play betting on cricket and being restricted to phone betting only
  • Looking back on the crazy year of 2020
  • A big boost for racing throughout the COVID period – who did that come from?
  • Why racing needs to get on with reforms to ensure growth continues now that sport is back
  • Does merger and acquisition activity among major wagering companies mean for others like TopSport?
  • Why competition is so important
  • The approach to marketing in contrast to the very big players
  • The TopSport 2021 wishlist

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