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Welcome to the latest episode of The New Bookies Ring podcast series, featuring Nick Tedeschi from Southern Cross Bet.

As a punter you may have noticed that in recent times, a whole new raft of online bookmakers has emerged. Some are former on-course bookies, while others are new to the game in Australia.

While we’re all very familiar with the larger corporate betting companies, we perhaps don’t know as much about this next generation of online bookies.

So we’ll be speaking to a whole range of new, boutique and upcoming bookmakers who’ve taken their business online, and finding out what they have to offer us as punters.

Should we be betting with them, and why?

We speak with Nick Tedeschi from Southern Cross Bet.

The New Bookies Ring: Southern Cross Bet

Some people will be familiar with Nick Tedeschi… among other things, he’s currently doing some work with Bathurst-based online bookie Southern Cross Bet. Our chat with Nick covers…

  • The proliferation of newer online bookies
  • Who’s behind Southern Cross Bet?
  • What are the team at Southern Cross Bet like?
  • Customer service
  • What’s the focus? Racing? Sport?
  • Tailoring the Southern Cross Bet offer to what punters want to see
  • Sports betting: quantity or quality?
  • Racing markets… what is pricing like in relation to other bookies? Generous?
  • How are winning punters treated?
  • What does the future hold for Southern Cross Bet? What should punters be looking out for?

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