Tasmanian racing

Australian racing is a large and complex beast, and Tasmanian racing is forgotten by punters too often. There are a few very good reasons why that shouldn’t be the case.

In this episode of the Betting 360 Podcast we chat to Tassie local and keen punter Tristan Heffernan about why Tasmanian racing should be on your punting radar.

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Tasmanian racing: the ‘Hong Kong of the South’

Our discussion with Tristan covers:

  • How he got into punting, form analysis and bookmaking
  • Working with Betfair when it started up in Australia, including the Betfair Sportsbook
  • Tristan’s own betting and his heavy focus on Tasmanian racing
  • Tasmanian racing took a break due to COVID-19. What it meant for a form analyst, and any ongoing impact it may have.
  • Why Tassie is the “Hong Kong of the South” due to small size, only three tracks, a small pool of trainers, jockeys and horses
  • Why having a small jurisdiction makes it so much easier to analyse form
  • Tasmanian tracks – the diversity between Devonport, Launceston and Hobart, and the intricacies of each
  • How Tasmanian weather affects tracks and produces track bias: what punters need to know
  • The ins and outs of the Tasmanian racing calendar, particularly the Summer Carnival, Autumn Carnival and feature races
  • Tasmanian trainers… particularly, what some of the less well-known names that those on the mainland should know about?
  • The prevalence of owner-trainers in Tasmania
  • Top Tasmanian jockeys… particularly, who to watch and the importance of local knowledge
  • ‘Data Driven” is Tasracing’s tagline. What does it mean? Is it marketing or meaningful?
  • Betting in Tassie – which bookmakers? Tasmanian racing has minimum bet limits, but they’re lower than other states. Are they effective?
  • The Betfair Exchange on Tasmanian races – is there sufficient liquidity? And does it arrive too late?
  • Dr Nick’s departure and the impact it had particularly on Tasmanian markets
  • The advantages of racing on Wednesday nights and why it’s been a great move for Tasmanian racing
  • Why Tasmanian racing is a great punting option, particularly if you’re looking to get started as a serious punter

Tristan Heffernan.

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