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The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 14… How do bookies deal with betting and tipping services? How big is the Magic Millions compared to other racing carnivals? Where is the early money going?

We discuss all this and more on the first episode of The Other Side for 2021…

We’re all punters. And we speak to a lot of other punters. On The Other Side podcast series we jump the fence and speak with Tristan Merlehan, Director at TopSport, to get an insight into modern-day bookmaking.

Tristan takes us through how a modern corporate bookmaker operates, the issues they face, and how changes in racing and sport impact the business.

Have you got a question for Tristan about anything we’ve discussed, or anything else related to bookmaking? Just get in touch with us and we’ll ask him on the next episode.

The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 14

  • Magic Millions Raceday! Where does it rank among the other big carnivals on the Australian racing carnival?
  • Horse ownership… how is it entwined with betting? What’s the crossover? Do owners come to have a bet, or do punters progress to become owners?
  • What role does betting play in attracting people to get more involved in racing, such as becoming owners?
  • Early season two-year-olds… are they dangerous for bookies?
  • The current cricket season… how has the Test series and Big Bash been in terms of betting turnover?
  • Overseas sporting leagues such as the NBA and Premier League have had a disjointed season. How does this impact betting markets?
  • Betting and tipping service from the bookies’ point of view. What’s the impact on betting markets?
  • How do you manage betting services as a bookie? Would bookies subscribe to betting services?
  • Twilight racing – how does it impact betting turnover?
  • The need to have multiple meetings working in conjunction during twilight and night racing timeslots
  • Any Magic Millions big bets yet?
  • The horse that “every punter wants to be on” this Saturday.

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