The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 15… The Victorian government has increased their betting tax from 8% to 10%. Tristan takes us through how the taxes work and why the increase could cost punters if other moves aren’t made.

We discuss all this and more on this episode of The Other Side…

We’re all punters. And we speak to a lot of other punters. On The Other Side podcast series we jump the fence and speak with Tristan Merlehan, Director at TopSport, to get an insight into modern-day bookmaking.

Tristan takes us through how a modern corporate bookmaker operates, the issues they face, and how changes in racing and sport impact the business.

Have you got a question for Tristan about anything we’ve discussed, or anything else related to bookmaking? Just get in touch with us and we’ll ask him on the next episode.

The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 15

  • Racing on Australia Day and how it compares to other public holidays
  • Is the Big Bash too long for bookies?
  • The Group 2 Australia Stakes attracted a field of only six starters. How does that impact bookie holds?
  • A packed week of racing – regular Saturday meetings plus Friday night at The Valley, then Australia Day, then Rapid Racing the following Friday
  • Victorian government increases point-of-consumption (POC) tax from 8 per cent to 10 per cent
  • How does POC tax work?
  • Could the increase in POC tax be offset by a reduction in race fields fees?
  • Positive discussions taking place with Racing Victoria
  • Race field fees – how does it work compared to POC tax?
  • Why bookies and punters are on the same side when it comes to fees and taxes on betting
  • The need for a single, efficient tax system on betting
  • The true impact of betting taxes on punters
  • The huge cost of betting on Western Australia racing
  • The changes needed… “we don’t need to reinvent the wheel”

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