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The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 6… we talk to Tristan from TopSport about the ongoing impact of COVID on racing turnover, and what the future may look like. We also look at betting in futures markets in this uncertain time, and the long-awaited return of the NBA.

We’re all punters. And we speak to a lot of other punters. On The Other Side podcast series we jump the fence and speak with Tristan Merlehan, Director at TopSport, to get an insight into modern-day bookmaking.

Tristan takes us through how a modern corporate bookmaker operates, the issues they face, and how changes in racing and sport impact the business.

Have you got a question for Tristan about anything we’ve discussed, or anything else related to bookmaking? Just get in touch with us and we’ll ask him on the next episode.

The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 6

  • Racing Victoria’s announcement that 2019-20 betting turnover finished level with the previous year. With numbers being well down at the half-year, is this just a sugar-hit delivered by COVID-19?
  • Will the increased betting turnover during COVID-19 be sustainable? Does the racing industry still need to do more to drive turnover?
  • Latest changes since the return of most top-level sport – how has this impacted racing betting?
  • The need for racing to continue to push value for punters to ensure they’re investing in the sport
  • Betting into futures markets for this year’s big Spring Carnival features… how does it look compared to previous years?
  • Is ongoing uncertainty affecting futures markets?
  • How might betting be affected if international participation in the Spring Carnival is limited? Could it be a negative or a positive?
  • The NBA is finally back! Are punters straight back on board?

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