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The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 9… On the latest podcast, we chat with Tristan from TopSport about how they handle their book different levels of racing, and how their successful clients bet – are all winning punters just win bettors, or are there long-term winners betting place, multis and exotics?

We’re all punters. And we speak to a lot of other punters. On The Other Side podcast series we jump the fence and speak with Tristan Merlehan, Director at TopSport, to get an insight into modern-day bookmaking.

Tristan takes us through how a modern corporate bookmaker operates, the issues they face, and how changes in racing and sport impact the business.

Have you got a question for Tristan about anything we’ve discussed, or anything else related to bookmaking? Just get in touch with us and we’ll ask him on the next episode.

The Other Side: TopSport Podcast Episode 9

  • How the Spring Carnival has treated the bookies so far – fluctuating results for the bookies!
  • Having the Spring Carnival and footy finals at the same time… what’s been the impact of that?
  • Does the amount a bookie can make depend much on the quality of racing? Are bigger markets more efficient and therefore harder to make a profit on?
  • Group 1 and feature racing versus regular Saturday metro racing versus country and provincial racing – the different betting patterns
  • The impact of higher charges from racing bodies on Group 1 racedays
  • TopSport was undertaking a lot of work with racing bodies relating to increasing turnover and reducing charges. Where is that at now?
  • The importance of keeping low-margin punters in the game
  • Are all successful punters simply win bettors? Are there winning punters who focus on place and each-way betting?
  • How place betting on harness racing can be successful
  • Are there any successful punters who bet multis?
  • Managing the liability as a bookie when big multis go close to saluting
  • Betfair removing commission from some races – does it impact bookies?
  • The importance of Betfair to the betting ecosystem

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