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In the wake of the Royal Ascot Carnival last week, we’re talking to Rory Flanagan – an Aussie punter whose main focus is UK racing. In particular, we speak to Rory about some of the major differences between Aussie and UK racing and why the British scene is a good option for Aussie punters.

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UK Racing: Why Aussie punters should try it

Our discussion with Rory covers:

  • Rory’s early ventures into racing (in primary school!)
  • The lack of sleeping which led him to betting in the middle of the night!
  • Why there’s less excuses for poor performances on UK racing due to the nature of the tracks
  • How UK form can be “truer” than Aussie racing – the best horse wins more often
  • Why the UK track conditions are a lot clearer than in Australia
  • There’s less ‘hard luck’ stories in the UK
  • Why jockey and trainer form trends are easier to pick up
  • Jockeys committing earlier in the UK, meaning horses have to run in top gear for longer – which brings weight into play
  • The UK calendar – the flat racing season versus the jumps racing season
  • Does Rory stick to the flat racing or does he also dabble in the large UK jumps racing scene?
  • The top level in the UK verses Australian racing – how do they compare in terms of quality?
  • Why the Aussies should send more middle-distance runners to the UK
  • Betting – corporate bookmakers versus Betfair
  • The ability to trade UK racing (including photo finishes and protests after the race!)
  • Market percentages in the UK and how they compare to Australian racing
  • ‘Rule 4’ on UK racing and the huge impact it has on deductions
  • Betting into big UK carnivals such as Royal Ascot and how if compares to run-of-the-mill UK racing?
  • Is Rory ready to become a full-time punter?

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