Betfair Live

Everybody is very familiar with the Betfair Exchange and the great dividends it offers on racing (if you’re not, get on Betfair now as a matter of urgency!). Perhaps less well-known is Betfair Live, an enhanced racing experience that was launched a couple of years ago.

Anybody with a Betfair account can access Betfair Live… just head here and log in. Select a race and you’ll be greeted with a few familiar items as well as a heap more information from the Exchange.

Luke White from Betfair recently put together a quick guide to Betfair Live to help explain all the different elements. In just over five minutes, it gives you a great explainer on the basics of Betfair Live – so make sure you check it out. You can watch it below, or click here.

Betfair Live: the elements

Fluc charts

These show which way prices are moving on each runner in a very quick, visual manner, so it’s easy to identify firmers and drifters. They can be switched between traded price and weighted average price.


The good old blue and pink cells are there, which you’ll be very familiar with! As with the regular Exchange screen, you can see the top three available back and lay prices with volumes, as well as the Betfair SP.


The market percentage based on the best available back price


The total amount matched to date on that runner. The varying amounts by runner can give a good indication of just how keen the market is to back the horse.

Taking into account these elements in combination give you a good overall view of how the horse may be trending in the market. As Like says in the video, a horse may have a plenty of money matched, but the price may be drifting and there may be large volumes available to be matched in the Lay column. This would tell you the horse is drifting, and the market is keen to lay it.


Available. The total amount available to be matched across the top eight back and lay prices.


Last Traded Price


Weighted Average Price. Based on bets already matched.

BT, Avg Corp Fixed

Best Tote and averaged fixed price with corporate bookmakers. This gives you the ability to quickly compare available Betfair prices with what else is available.

Bmin, Vmin

Bets and volume matched on the runner over the last 60 seconds. This is another tool to show you how much action there is on that particular horse.

These additional measures and elements are a great way to get an idea of how the Betfair Exchange actually works – just how much action there is and quickly things move – particularly in the last few minutes before the jump. Take the time to watch Betfair Live in the leadup to a race. It only takes a few minutes and is a great view of everything that goes on in the market.

You can also check out our extensive guide to the Betfair Exchange.

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