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We know punting isn’t easy, but we haven’t met a punter we couldn’t help with our Free Consultation.

If you like doing the form yourself then you know that there’s no shortage of “stuff” creating noise. All this does is stop you from discovering the best tools to help your punting:

Speed Maps, Ratings, Sectional times, Time and Weight Ratings, Blackbookers, Track Bias, Going sticks, Variance, Wind, Running Lanes, Cut-away rails, Gear Changes, In-form Jockey’s… the list is literally endless! Add in sport of any kind and the variables increase exponentially. So how do you sort through this minefield?

Fortunately, you can book a Free consultation with one of our Member Services staff who’s job it is to help you become a better punter.

Why Book A Free Consultation?

Here’s just a few reasons why punters get in touch with us:

Which tipster suits how I like to bet?
Which bookie should I bet with?
Can you explain how Ratings work?
Where are the best Bookie bonuses right now?
Where do I find your free horse racing tips?
How does your App work?
Do you offer Saturday only memberships?
I back lots of winners but never seem to be in front. What’s my problem likely to be?
Are there any horse racing tips for today?
Have you guys thought of offering a TV Sports membership?
Do any bookies offer Best Tote on Quaddies?
Can you explain how Betfair works?

No question is too irrelevant, silly or not worth it.

If we don’t know the answer then we’ll do our best to get you one.

Also, we want to share 5 easy ways that will help you become a much more profitable punter immediately.

You can implement these simple tips straight away, and we have no doubt they will see your punting improve ten-fold.

For less than 15 minutes of your time you will drastically improve your punting.

Make a time for us to call you now – it’s absolutely free.