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There’s a lot of information in the punting world and some of it is pretty complex. So where’s a good place to start to improve your game and win more money? Here are my top 5 simple tips to winning more on the punt:

1. Open multiple accounts, win more money!

$5.50 is always better than $5, so take advantage – open multiple accounts. Small differences in price can have a massive impact on your long-term profit. $100 bet in the above scenario will return an extra $50, and who doesn’t like that!?

It’s worth spending a night opening a few accounts to have options on game day. And you’ll probably get some deposit bonuses for your efforts along the way.

More bookie options are always better than less when it comes to price.

2. Bet into good markets

They might be a bit of fun but markets like the 1st Goal Scorer and 1st Try Scorer have huge market percentages, which make it impossible to win long-term. Worse yet, you lose your cash a lot quicker long-term than lower percentage markets like Head to Head and player props.

In general, the more selections you can bet on in a market, the worse the market percentage will be.

The Favourite-Longshot Bias is alive and well in the racing world, so if you like a bet on the ponies, sticking to the favourites end of the market has multiple benefits, the least of which is better long-term returns on your bets.

3. Ditch the multi

Everyone loves a big collect but multis are shooting yourself in the foot. By combining the 3 or 4 picks you like in a multi, you not only significantly lower your strike rate, you’ve actually multiplied the market percentage, meaning you’ve increased your long-term loss compared to backing your picks one bet at a time.

Backing all your picks on one book on a multi also means you’ve locked in whatever price is available on the bookie where you bet, when there would have been better prices at different bookies.

Individual bets are almost always a better play. It’s a better play mathematically but also for your bank because you’ll get more regular collects… and winners are never bad for your psychology either.

4. Play a promo and win more money

Take advantage of promos when you’re having a bet.

When you’re tossing up between backing your bet at a better price on one bookie, or a worse price on a bookie that has a promo on the match or race, back it on the promo bookie. Promos can add significant value to your bet. And you never know, that bonus bet you got when you lost might be the source of your next winner.

5. Read and learn

There are some pretty cluey punters in the world and a lot of them are willing to publish their ideas for free in articles and platforms like Twitter. You never stop learning and developing as a punter, even when you’re pro, so read and learn. The more you read, the smarter you get and the more you win!

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