Track conditions, wet tracks

Betting in winter can be a slog. Wet tracks and lower-quality horses seemingly combines to add another layer of unpredictability to racing.

In looking over the results records of the Champion Bets analysts, the performance of some in winter stands out. One of them is Trevor Lawson’s Melbourne Ratings.

Trevor started with Champion Bets back in 2016. In all winter racing since then (June to August inclusive), Melbourne Ratings has produced $6,367 profit (betting $100 per unit) at 7.3%.

It’s a solid record over what is said to be the toughest part of the year. Many punters vastly lower their output in winter… many take a break and don’t bet at all.

So we asked Trev for his thoughts on betting in the darker, colder months.

“Looking at this winter to date, there actually hasn’t been a lot of meetings run on significantly rain affected tracks in the metro area – you know, where the inside is quicksand,” said Trevor.

This is no doubt a feature of Flemington, Caulfield, Moonee Valley and Sandown, all of which are known to drain and recover from wet weather extremely well.

“I’ve therefore been able to back a lot of horses who like to settle up on the pace and they aren’t disadvantaged.”

So while conditions have been relatively good this year, is there anything else we should be aware when it comes to racing in winter?


“The racing is obviously worth less in terms of prizemoney so naturally you get fewer horses visiting from other states,” said Trevor.

“It means you have a very stable population of horses running around each week, and they’re almost entirely locals. These are obviously the horses you know best as a punter who focuses on Melbourne racing. Of course you do the form on the visitors at other times of the year, but there’s no doubt you know the locals best as you’ve seen them more.”

Wet tracks

If we do get significantly rain-affected tracks, it’s not something that phases Trevor.

“It’s not so much of a problem for me because knowing the track is a major part of preparing for a meeting for me anyway,” he said.

“For every meeting I’m betting into, I either walk the track myself, or somebody else does it and reports back to me in detail.”

Plenty of punters complain about bias but when you know where it is how it’s going to play, it can work for you.

Walking the track before every meeting gives you the insight you need to profit in winter. It’s just another benefit you get from betting with the Melbourne Ratings package.

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