horse racing tips profit guarantee

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Champion Bets is about losing.

‘What if a tipster I’m following is losing? Do I have any insurance?’

Our punters need not worry… we’ve got your back.

While our analysts are very good at what they do and will win in the long term, there will also always be unavoidable variance in punting.

Losing streaks happen, and sometimes they last longer than anyone would like.

That’s why all of our Quarterly and Annual Horse Racing tips memberships come with our original and best Profit Guarantee.

In a nutshell, either you make money during any period of your membership or you get the next period free of charge.

Here’s an example using one of our memberships, Barby’s Bets:

horse racing tips profit guarantee

horse racing tips profit guarantee

horse racing tips profit guarantee

As you can see, someone who joined on March 2 enjoyed a solid opening quarter with $2,484 profit. However, their second quarter didn’t go quite as smoothly with a $4,818 loss.

Based on these results, the Profit Guarantee would kick in here. If the punter wanted to continue with the membership, they would not have to pay again until December 2.

It’s our way of helping to soften the blow for our members when things don’t quite go to plan.

It happens to everyone – Melbourne Ratings pro-punter Trevor Lawson has made over $30,000 profit in just over 2 years but isn’t without his own blemishes along the way.

There have been multiple times where Trev has endured a tough stretch, with a losing quarter bringing a Profit Guarantee for his members.

Over the long term, however, Trev is a successful and profitable punter. You can be one too this Spring racing carnival.