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Bookmaker Review: CrownBet

Our bookmaker reviews are written by punters, and aim to give you an overview of the good or bad points that each bookie offers relative to the competition.

As always, our overall recommendation is to have as many bookmaker accounts as possible:  they’re free and easy to join, offer big sign-up bonuses and more accounts means you’ll be able to capture better prices.

Right now CrownBet are offering a $600 bonus for a $400 deposit.

Who is CrownBet?

As the name implies, CrownBet is majority-owned by Australian gambling giant Crown.  But the service actually dates back to the former bookmaking business Betezy, which in 2014 was purchased by former Sportsbet owner and operator Matthew Tripp. He rebranded it (slightly) to Beteasy and then in 2015 Tripp entered into an agreement with Crown, handing the gaming giant a two-thirds share in Beteasy, which saw it rebranded as CrownBet.

Minimum Bet Rule

CrownBet are one of the few bookmakers to go above and beyond the racing industry’s own minimum bet rules and expand it to all Australian racing.

There are industry-wide minimum bet rules already in place for Victoria and New South Wales (with Queensland not far away), however CrownBet have additionally guaranteed to take any bet to win up to $1,000 on South Australian, Western Australian and Tasmanian racing.

The rules are officially in place for thirty minutes before the race jump.

Live Vision

CrownBet offers Victorian racing vision to members – which isn’t hard to access these days – however the real bonus is the live sport you can also access through your account.

The highlight is AFL, with every game shown live and free.  This is a great offer in the age of increasing pay-TV and paid streaming for footy.

There’s also some access to various international and European soccer matches, and NBL basketball.


CrownBet do a fairly good range of promotions on racing and sport events every week.  The highlights are the racing bonuses (bonus bets up to $50 if your horse runs 2nd or 3rd), which are usually offered on up to four races on a Saturday metro card, and the AFL and NRL multi bonuses.  These give you your stake back in CrownBet Rewards points when you get three legs on a four-leg multi.



CrownBet Rewards

CrownBet push their rewards program quite heavily.  You’ll earn points with every bet you make, which can then be redeemed for a range of rewards.  It’s also linked with Crown Resorts’ rewards program, so you can earn and redeem points in Crown casinos and hotels as well.

You can redeem points for bonus bets – often Crown’s betting promos will reward you the equivalent points rather than a direct bonus bet.  There’s a huge range of other redemptions: footy tickets, memberships, gift cards, donations, overseas trips and Crown Resort experiences.

As with most rewards programs, it’s a good bonus that will accumulate in the background as you bet.

Odds Comparison

CrownBet are live on most odds comparison tools. This is important as it holds their prices up to proper scrutiny against competitors, and allows those betting through odds comparison to secure their bets quickly.

CrownBet odds comparison

What the punters think

The Betting and Bookmaking Survey which we ran in March 2017 returned the following results for CrownBet.  77% of punters had used CrownBet, which ranked them 2nd out of 19 bookies in Australia in terms of popularity.

CrownBet Survey results



Deposit $400: Get a $600 bonus.