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TopSport: Your top option for Aussie punters

We’re all about beating the bookies, but we have a good relationship with TopSport. As does just about any punter you speak to and there’s a good reason for that… as far as bookies go, you won’t find a fairer operator.

Why TopSport?

Bookies these days can all seem very similar. Similar prices, similar bet types, similar promos… it can be quite rare that any online bookie has a genuinely unique offer.

TopSport does. It’s a pretty simple one, but it’s a lot more important than you might realise.

They take a fair bet.

It’s unique these days because so many bookies don’t. If you’ve shown any sort of aptitude or have a winning record, it’s only a matter of time before most bookies severely limit or even shut down your account. Minimum bet limits on some racing codes help but they’re only applicable to a certain amount, and at certain times. They don’t apply to all racing… and as for sport? They don’t apply at all.

But TopSport don’t do this. Their approach is to let everybody on for a fair bet. And, crucially, they’ll do that from the minute prices go up. So you can bet before raceday if you like something, and they’ll let you on.

1. The TopSport story

The TopSport approach is a product of the company’s origins. Lloyd Merlehan, founder of TopSport, was a long-time on-course bookmaker. He and son Tristan had the foresight to take their business online, but wanted to remain an operator where all punters were welcome.

“Our origins are at the track – that’s where dad operated for many years and where I learnt the business,” says Tristan.

“The approach that many now take was unthinkable back then. I’d never have even thought of putting up a price and saying ‘that price is just for those blokes over at the bar, you ten guys here can’t have it’. It doesn’t make any sense and wouldn’t be allowed.

“So since we’ve gone online we’ve wanted to keep the same approach. We’ve got a lot of great clients who’ve been with us for many years, and we welcome all new punters with the same attitude: we’ll let anybody on for a fair bet.”

2. “A fair bet”

“We’re certainly not saying that we let any punter at all on for absolutely any amount. It’s impossible to do that,” said Tristan.

“But what we always say is with any price that we put up, we’ll let any punter on for a fair bet. And we’ll do that from as soon as our price goes up. Punters can be assured they’ll be able to get a decent bet down with TopSport.”

3. In for the long haul

A hell of a lot of bookies have come and gone from the Australian scene in recent years, particularly as international corporates have made their way into Australia and bought up a lot of local operators. Not so TopSport.

“The business has grown a fair bit over the past year or so which has been great, but our focus remains on steady, sustainable growth,” says Tristan.

“We could have gone all out, taken external investment on board and tried to grow really fast. Some others have done that but I think it’s been done with a view to trying to attract a buyout. We’re more interested in growing the business in a sustainable way.

“We’re proud to be part of this industry in Australia and we want to see it grow, and grow with it.”

This approach is clear to see with TopSport’s continued lobbying of racing authorities for a better deal for bookies and punters alike: lower fees and higher limits, all with a view to boosting turnover in the long run.

4. Accessibility

Opening a TopSport account takes just minutes and once you’re set up, funding and using it is simple. You can deposit via credit card, POLi, paysafecard, BPAY or EFT, and withdraw via credit card and EFT.

TopSport has recently launched a new website which makes finding and placing all your racing and sports bets dead simple. Plus there are simple and fast apps for iOS and Android for betting on the go. You can find these on our Best Betting Apps page.

5. Unique products

As well as all your regular betting options, TopSport offers a few unique products that bring you even more value.

Best of the Best Premium Available on Saturday metro and other major days, BOB Premium is the best thoroughbred tote product available. You’ll receive the best price of the three Australian totes or the official top fluc price, whichever is higher. And in true TopSport style, it doesn’t get yanked away when you have a few wins: it’s available to every punter.

$2 lines: It’s the best price available anywhere on all AFL, NRL, NFL and selected other line markets. And again – $2 lines are available to all punters.

Owner / Trainer Bonuses: Backing your own horse or dog? TopSport has special price offers for thoroughbred, greyhound and harness racing owners and trainers. Just give them a call and you’ll get a great price.

Protest Payout You don’t have to worry when you hear that protest siren ring. In the event of a successful thoroughbred protest, TopSport pays out on both the official winner and the first past the post.

Best of the Best multis Never take the wrong price on your multi again! Just enter your selections and with BOB Multis, winnings will be calculated with each horse’s BOB prices. Available on metro meetings every Saturday.

TRUE Same Game Multis Yep, plenty of bookies now offer Same Game Multis. But do yourself a favour… next time you have one, compare the odds you get elsewhere to those at TopSport. Some operators are offering truly terrible odds on Same Game Multis. TopSport’s Same Game Multi odds are the best around.

If you don’t have a TopSport account, we’re not quite sure what you’re waiting for – you’ll definitely be better off as a punter. Click here to get started.

Mark Haywood

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