Overs fallacy

What Is The ‘Overs’ Fallacy In Punting?

Fallacies are ideas where the thinking behind the idea isn’t quite right. You might have heard of the most well-known fallacy in punting, the...
Betting 360 punting pointers Byron Rogers

Punting Pointers: Byron Rogers

Renowned racing and breeding expert Byron Rogers was a guest on the Betting 360 podcast last year.We look back at the chat, which produced some great insights on how winners are bred.
bookie banned

4 Signs You’re Being Booted By Your Bookie

Unfortunately for us punters, bookies (on the whole - there are exceptions out there) are no longer willing to bet all comers.Nothing is done...
market percentages

What’s Driving Market Percentages?

There’s been a fair bit of talk recently about illegal wagering.Basically, it refers to people betting with bookmakers that aren’t licensed to operate in...
coin toss coin flip

Coin Toss: Is It Really Fair To Flip?

New England will take on the Rams in Monday’s SuperBowl, with both teams getting there courtesy of overtime wins in their respective Conference Championship...
racing tips saver betting model

How To Maintain Your Edge With A Betting Model

Building a winning betting model is one thing, but markets adjust and edges erode over time.Constant review is required to ensure that your model...
Rick's racing model racing tips betting model

WATCH VIDEO: Finding Winners With Rick’s Racing Model

Rick's Racing Model is the newest addition to our stable of membership services here at Champion Bets.We've learnt a little bit about the man...
Level staking

Will This Take Your Staking To The Next Level?

Some years back, our fearless leader David Duffield wrote an article on staking.“Level staking is for losers” left little to the imagination and Dave...
on-course bookies on-course bookmakers ABA

Fightback: How On-Course Bookies Plan To Woo Punters

Technology has changed the game for many businesses.For on-course bookmakers, it’s had a devastating impact.It’s now over a decade since the High Court of...
professional punter

The Age Old Debate: Early vs Late

Ask a bunch of smart punters what their biggest challenge is, and more than a few of them will tell you that it’s trying...