Betting Education

Sample size: how big does it need to be?

You're winning! it looks like you have a profitable betting approach… can you trust the sample though? Is the sample…

4 months ago

Value betting: Missing winners is an important mindset

If you actually want to make money on the punt, then the key is value betting. Here's how to miss…

5 months ago

Short-priced favourites can be great value

You get better value with longer odds, right? Wrong. Here's why short-priced favourites can often be the best value.

5 months ago

Gambling: It’s not profit until it’s in your pocket

Is a dollar a dollar, even if you won it gambling? Many punters don't treat it that way.... here's why…

5 months ago

Bonus bets: turn them into real cash, guaranteed

Why would you use your bonus bets and just hope they win, when you can easily turn them into guaranteed…

5 months ago

Have you got what it takes to be a professional punter?

The reality of being a professional punter is very different to what many people think. Here's what you really need…

6 months ago

Bankroll Management: Bet Like A Champ

Gun analyst Rod discusses the importance of having a good betting strategy and effective bankroll management in being a successful…

6 months ago

Punting profits: EV? PoT? Overs?

All these different measures of punting profits. Which one should we use? Actually, they're all exactly the same...

6 months ago

How to properly manage your betting bank

Proper betting bank management can sometimes prove difficult if running multiple strategies. Rod explains how to effectively juggle it.

6 months ago

Why punters lose: the #1 reason most can’t make money

Above all else, there's one key reason why punters lose. Get your head around it, and you can start to…

6 months ago

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