Value Betting

Sample size: how big does it need to be?

Can a sample tell you if a betting approach is profitable? Sample size… how much is enough? I've written previously…

3 months ago

Profit on Turnover: Look Deeper

Judging a set of bets: is profit on turnover alone enough to get a true picture? Is it an edge,…

4 months ago

Sports betting: the huge value of a few cents

Our most popular footy codes are returning soon from their COVID-enforced breaks, so it's a good time to dust off…

4 months ago

Horse racing tips: think like an investor

Savvy investors spread their risk across a number of different areas, so that their overall portfolio can remain on a…

4 months ago

Odds-on favourites: how should you handle them?

Odds-on favourites... in a way, you could say punters love them. After all, they're odds-on for a reason: the market…

5 months ago

Backing multiple horses in one race: why?

Backing multiple horses in a race is a concept a lot of punters struggle with. If you think a certain…

5 months ago

5 lessons on profitable punting

The key to the concept of value betting lies in taking a long-term view.

6 months ago

Bonus bets: don’t waste them on short-priced favourites

The bigger the better for bonus bets? Rod investigates: There's a lot of bookies in the Australian market and they're…

8 months ago

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