A Fresh New Love

Maybe it was a few years ago now, but remember the excitement you felt when you first discovered punting? It was fresh, exhilarating and you just wanted to keep learning more and more.

 That seems to be the stage many of the people I have been in contact with this week are at when it comes to Hong Kong racing.

 Last week’s look at the massive strengths and continued growth of their horse racing industry generated lots of debate on our blog.

 One interesting contribution I received by email was from a very astute punter who is enjoying incredible success finding overlays in Hong Kong.

 Mick J wants to keep his anonymity as he is still getting on with at least one corporate bookie, but he has developed his own database and ratings system that focuses primarily on sectional times to find horses that the market undervalue.

 “I am pricing some horses up really short like $3 and they are going around at double figures and almost all of them run well. I don’t bet on the Class 5 races, they’re just rubbish. But on the other races I bet win and place and I collect in 6 or 7 races a night. I think I’ve only had two losing meetings all season”.

 “I did 24% profit on turnover last season and I’m at 30% in January. It’s a goldmine”.

 Mick is just one of many punters doing well on Hong Kong racing. However once again I will stress that I am not suggesting that you choose between Hong Kong racing or our local product. Much like being a proud father of two kids, you can love both just as much despite the fact that they are very different.

 But I stand by my assertion that anyone not looking seriously at Hong Kong racing is turning their back on a massive opportunity.

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Good luck
David Duffield