Bet with a big edge

Each of the 3 months since Dave Duffield took over the tips have been quite different.

October was rock solid with $3,000 profit at $100 a unit. We’ll take 30% bankroll growth any month of the year.

November was a little disappointing as we only managed to break even.

But December was out of this world with $14,100 profit. That’s not a typo or a figure inflated by one big winner or a fancy staking plan.

It was the result of winner after winner (39% strike-rate for the month from 169 bets) and decent odds (average price of $3.70).

We promised a new and improved edge on the market when we started a total overhaul of our form analysis process in early 2013. That database development and ratings generation project wasn’t completed until the second half of last year and you may remember our excitement when we unveiled our Class and Speed ratings. That’s because not only were we convinced of their effectiveness, but so were some serious number nerds after they’d analysed our ratings for 80,000 horses.

So if you want to start the new year with a bang get on board today. Whether you want 1 day or 1 year we have a package to suit.

Ultimately, the decision about whether your betting bank doubles or disappears in 2015 is up to you.

A few weeks from now will you be organising a withdrawal from your bookie?

Or will you be making yet another credit card deposit?

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Here is an overview on our performance with Dave managing the tips service from October to December:

495 Bets
818 Unit Outlay
146 Wins
29% Strike Rate

That represents 171 units profit at a sensational 21% Profit on Turnover.

So the question is can you afford not to be a member?

Full results are always available.

And just in case you needed a bonus on top of plenty of action and a bunch of winners, members also get our Class and Speed rankings for every TAB race every day.

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