The BIGGEST ever month in our 9 year history

Ratings members are cashing in this month with more than 74 units profit. Ratings profit October 2014 If you’re not familiar with hearing profit figures expressed as ‘units’ then just bear in mind that all members start with a 100 unit bank and that a typical outlay on a race is between 2 and 3 units. We are only a few winners away from doubling our bank in a very short space of time. At $100 a unit members are up more than $7400 in a single month.   That’s quite obviously an exciting and record-breaking performance, but it’s no coincidence that it comes right after we completed the development of a database of our own Class and Speed ratings to very accurately assess the performance of any horse. We can quickly line up any runner, anywhere and then turn that into a baseline figure before we dig a lot deeper into their form and the race overall. We’re now betting more than we ever have before and with more confidence than we ever have before. That’s because we had some very smart external mathematical/analytical/data mining experts crunch the numbers we produce to identify (a) what our edge over the market is; and (b) exactly where the best opportunities are. We have the utmost confidence that we know what ratings are required to win at each class of race and also which horses have the ability to produce that level of performance. Our last betting day was Wednesday and we focused on the Bendigo meeting. We backed Rekindled Power at $2.50 (rated $2), Tansy at $2.80 (rated $2), Bazzabeel at $2.90 (rated $2.50 as highlighted in yesterday’s newsletter), Lady Lakshmi at $5 (rated $4.30), Shadow Of The Mist at $5.50 (rated $5.50) and a big finish in the last with Sir Mask at $31 (rated $11). It has been a massive month and we’d love to have you join our team. Click here to get on board today. We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers or you can call 1300 500 057. We might be at the peak of the racing season, but you should also know that our Sports Predictor Model has been performing very well for an extended period now. Members have doubled their betting banks in under 6 months.