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The AFL Platinum Package provides value selections on side markets in AFL matches.  The bets are mainly in player props markets (under/over markets on possessions, fantasy points, goals etc), other side markets such as total team scores and under/over scores per quarter.  


This package is run by an Australian-based professional sports modeller and his team of data scientists, programmers and traders.  They’re a full time syndicate completely dedicated to identifying value in global sports betting markets. This is their first AFL package with Champion Bets, but they have run two very successful NBA memberships with us.


Profit on turnover is expected to be around 7% (although slightly less would still be satisfactory), but it’s volume of turnover that sets this package apart: due to the amount of games and markets available, you can expect to place over 100 bets per week.


The AFL season runs from March to September and this package will bet on every match during this period.  Members updates are sent directly to your email, typically four times per week:


The Saturday and Sunday afternoon releases will also include a link to a live page, where the analysts themselves will be available to discuss the bets with members from 1pm, and also release additional bets to those who are logged on, as they become available.


You should also download our app (directly from the App store, or via this link for Android) to get push notifications.



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Each recommended bet will be on a separate line in the spreadsheet, and will include the following information:



Each bet advised will include a recommended stake in units, for example: 0.25 units, 0.5 unit, 1 unit etc.


1 unit = 1% of your betting bank, so simply divide the amount of money you have set aside for punting by 100. Eg. if your bank is $10,000 then 1 unit = $100.


As mentioned, the volume of turnover on this package is extremely high.  This makes a 100 unit bank absolutely crucial.


Please be aware that whilst these bets will continue to win, it’s important to stay under the bookies radar for as long as possible.


A couple of things will help do this –


(1) Don’t go too hard too early. The volume of bets is incredible, but don’t try and bet several hundred dollars on all of these on day one. That will be a big red flag to the bookies, especially if you haven’t bet much into these markets previously.


(2) Cross-sport multis can work well because then (a) you are seen as a bit of a multi’s mug; and (b) all of your profits aren’t purely on AFL markets


Bets will be advised at most of the major bookies including  Sportsbet, CrownBet, UBET, TAB, Unibet and Bet365, so accounts with these are important.  Sometimes an identical bet may be advised at different bookmakers where available, allowing you more than one option to get set.  


We believe Ladbrokes and Mad Bookie will have a ‘make your own prop’ offering which will also be exploited.



You’re advised to bet as soon as possible, upon receiving each release.

We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.

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