Welcome aboard the Best Bets tipping package!


The package covers every TAB meeting in Australia, every day.

Use this calendar to check upcoming meetings – http://www.racingaustralia.horse/


The package uses a quantitative model backed up by sophisticated algorithms to identify probabilities of a horse winning, based on fundamental form factor and proprietary data, as well as the profiles of horses that are consistently under-valued by the market.


As with all our packages, a considered and disciplined staking plan using a 100 unit bank is recommended. 1 unit = 1% of your betting bank, so simply divide the amount of money you have set aside for punting by 100. Eg: if your bank is $10,000 then 1 unit = $100.


This package has 2 key elements, both of which are sent directly to your email each day:

1. Daily update

This is sent at 10.30am each morning, and outlines suggested bets that the model has identified for the day.

In addition, you’ll also receive the class and speed rankings for every race for the day. Using the model’s data, these rank every runner in the race from top to bottom in terms of class, speed, and base (combined class and speed).

2. Early Bets

This is sent each day at 5pm and outlines any early bets that the model has identified for the following day, allowing you to take advantage of early prices if you wish.

You should also download our app (directly from the App store, or via this link for Android) to get push notifications for all updates.

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The class and speed rankings are fully automated, and cover an extended timeframe so they are always intended as simply a starting point for further form analysis. Many members use them in conjunction with their own form work and/or as a good guide for their exotics such as trifectas and quaddies.

The rankings are based on the horse’s ‘raw’ ratings, and are a solid starting point for our assessments before digging deeper into other variables such as track conditions, distance, barrier, speed map, tempo, jockey, trainer and all the other things that come into serious form analysis.

The class rating is along the lines of a conventional weight/class assessment, based on the level they have performed at over the last year. It is a base figure and doesn’t include potential improvement (eg. young or inexperienced horses) or potential deterioration (eg. if the horse has been up for a long time).

The speed rating combines sectional and overall times and is a powerful feature on its own, but is best used in conjunction with class and other assessments.

The base rating is a blend of class and speed combined, so really it’s an overall ranking.


As always, it’s best to have a number of accounts to land the best possible price, and use an Odds Comparison site like Dynamic Odds so you can see all the tote, bookmaker and Betfair odds on one screen.

The rankings are meant to be used in conjunction with your own form analysis, and thus cater to all punters whether they prefer fixed odds, tote, on-course or Betfair for their betting.



It’s generally advisable to bet as soon as possible upon receiving the bets. Again, we recommend getting the app to ensure you get the alerts.


You should look to compare odds before placing a bet. Aaron will advise of at least 2 bookies where the price is available but if prices do change, you can always check here to get the best price available.


We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.

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