MLB Tips

Welcome aboard the MLB Tips membership


The MLB Tips membership operates every day of the regular season.


This package is run by a US-based betting syndicate comprised of data scientists and computer programmers. Ryan’s team have been exceptionally successful in finding value in the main betting markets. Listen to a chat with him here.


The MLB regular season runs from late March to late September which is when Ryan’s syndicate stop betting for the year.

The main members update is at 8am AEDT, but there will also be a secondary daily update for the next day’s early games.


The models produce recommended bets on the main head-to-head market; ie which team wins the game. They also bet on the runline at -1.5, which means our bet has to win by 2 runs or more.

Last season they hit at 66% on H2H bets for 15% Profit on Turnover. On runline bets it was 51% for 21% PoT. Both of those results are quite exceptional so we’re downgrading the profitability forecast for 2019 to around the 8-12% range.


All bets will be available at all corporate bookies. If you are serious about getting the best available odds please get in contact as there is an off-the-radar option we can make you aware of. It involves a little extra effort to set up, but the returns are improved by accessing better odds and bigger limits.


As per all memberships we recommend a 100 unit betting bank.

We bet to win 1 unit when backing favourites which is typically the head-to-head market.  And we outlay 1 unit on underdogs which is normally the run-line bet at -1.5 runs.

So on most games we are making two bets for a total outlay of just over 2 units. Ryan’s team call these best bets ‘Preferred Plays’.

For example at $1.80 we outlay 1.25u to win 1u.

At $1.91 we outlay 1.1u to win 1u.

At $2.20 we outlay 1 unit.

At $2.50 we also outlay 1 unit.

Most bets are both H2H and runline. An example:

1. (Preferred Play) SEA Mariners | Money Line $1.92 | Game Time 10:10pm ET |
2. (Preferred Play) SEA Mariners | Run Line -1.5 $2.75 | Game Time 10:10pm ET |

So you outlay 1.08 units on the moneyline (H2H) and 1 unit on the runline (at -1.5 runs).

We're located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.