Welcome aboard our Melbourne Ratings package!


These ratings are produced by Trevor Lawson, a professional punter with a highly successful record on Victorian racing over the past 15 years.


Ratings and speed maps are prepared for all Melbourne metro meetings.



Trev’s Bets will include a recommended stake in units.

On the ratings sheets, we bet to collect 5 units at the rated price (1 unit = 1% of your bank). You can enter your betting bank into the 3rd tab of the Excel spreadsheet and it will turn the units into dollars as per your own bank.


The ratings have two key elements:

1. Trev’s Bets

Trevor will send a list of his best early bets directly to your email, right on 9.15am on the day of the meeting (or 2.15pm for night meetings) – Victorian minimum bet limits kick in at 9am (2pm for night meetings).

2. Ratings and speed maps

We will send the ratings sheet and speed maps directly to your e-mail around 10am AEDT on the day of each Melbourne metro meeting (or around 2pm for night meetings).

You will also receive Trevor’s own completed results sheet the day after the meeting which will show how Trevor used the ratings, and the actual bets he placed himself.

You should also download our app (directly from the App store, or via this link for Android) to get push notifications.

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1. Trev’s Bets

Each of Trevor’s Bets will include the race, number and runner, a recommended stake, and direction on price.

Directions on price are as follows:

– “Take down to” – the market price is currently over the rated price – you can bet these tips at any price down to that advised.

– “Take better than” – the market price is currently at or above the rated price – you should only bet these tips at or above that advised.

2. Ratings and speed maps

You will get a PDF and Excel ratings sheet for each meeting.

Each Ratings sheet shows the relevant information for each horse (Name, Number, Jockey, Weight, Previous Form, Trainer, Map) along with Trevor’s rated price, which is framed to a 90% market. That means the available odds for most horses will be under Trevor’s rated price, since the market percentage is anywhere from 110 to 130%.

You can back all the overlays (when the prices available from bookies are above Trevor’s rated price for that horse), but it is worth noting Trevor’s recommended betting strategy in the comments for each race. That is the way he wants to play that race, and he typically wants good value to get involved. He has a far more selective approach than just blindly backing all overlays.

Of course you can also use the prices and speed maps to develop your own method that suits your individual punting style. These are rated prices that will beat the market, but there are no set bets with this package so how you use the information is up to you.


To get the best available odds, it’s best to have a number of accounts to ensure you’re getting the best price. 


For Trev’s Bets, Bets advised with a “take down to” price are already an overlay on the market, so can be bet at any time down to the nominated price.  Betfair / Top Fluc / Top Tote can also be an option here.

Those with a “take better than” price are generally an underlay on the market, so should be monitored and only bet when the nominated price is available.


* Non-betting races are typically those with lots of first-starters. This makes the race too unpredictable, meaning it is much harder to correctly rate each horse.

* On occasion you may need to make some market adjustments to the ratings based on late scratchings.

We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.

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