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For a number of years now Dean has shown an amazing ability to find horses with above average ability purely from barrier trials. He has developed and fine-tuned a revolutionary approach to an area of form assessment that many punters either ignore or under-value. Many have tried to copy his approach, but no-one has come close to matching Dean’s record of better than 10% profit on turnover from more than 9000 bets.


Trial Spy covers meetings all over Australia, finding the best value picks from each day of racing for members to profit from.


An update will be sent every morning, but there is no set release time. It will depend on when the odds are available for the horses Dean wants to back. 

You should also download our app to get push notifications for all updates.

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Will be recorded at a mixture of 3rd best fixed and MidTote to reflect the difference in price availability to customers.


Each bet advised will include a recommended stake in units. 1u = 1% of your betting bank, so simply divide the amount of money you have set aside for punting by 100. E.g. if your bank is $10,000 then 1 unit = $100.

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To get the best available odds, it’s best to have a number of accounts to ensure you’re getting the best price. If you’re looking to join a bookie make sure you use this page to get a bonus:


It’s generally advisable to bet as soon as possible upon receiving the bets. Again, we recommend getting the app to ensure you get the alerts.

You should look to compare odds before placing a bet. Dean will send out a commonly available price with his bets, but you can always check here to get the best price available.


We’re located in Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions 9am-5pm AEST Monday to Saturday.

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