The High Lows made $2147.14 profit in February over 375 bets at 11.9% P.O.T. After a slow start, we returned a solid month as we crossed over the 10,000 bets mark all-time.



‘A’ selections had a solid month with $1954.90 profit at 18.8% P.O.T.


‘B’ selections had a poor month with just $192.34 profit at 2.5% P.O.T. It was nice given they struggled in February that we could still generate a profit on them. There is no long-term concern with them.

Bet Types

Fixed Odds was again the star this month with $2167.65 profit over 257 bets at 20.8% P.O.T. Fixed Odds made up 58% of our turnover and 69% of our bets in February. Horse Racing made $2007.68 profit over 256 bets at 18.9% P.O.T. showing that Fixed Odds Horse Racing was our major breadwinner this month.

We’ve had an exceptional run on Fixed Odds Horse Racing the past 4 months. Since November 2017, we’ve made $11,316 profit on 987 bets at 26.8% P.O.T. While we have run well, that is a significant number of bets (almost 1000 bets), which shows the tremendous value and volume we experience on Fixed Odds Horse Racing promotions and the important role they play in our success.

The Super Bowl was also played on February 5 and we had a nice day there with our bets loaded on the Philadelphia Eagles who got the job done helping us net $510.50 profit on the day.

Other bet types were insignificant relative to Fixed Odds with a $362.40 profit on Head to Head (31 bets, 20.8% P.O.T.) and a $228.61 loss on Multis (33 bets, 14.5% L.O.T.) our worst result.


NSW and SA performed in line with expectation this month with 56% and 67% of the total profit.

WA had a particularly nice month, out-performing the record with $2522.43 profit in February.[INSERT_ELEMENTOR id=”84112″]


February was a solid month, which was encouraging given it is a historically quiet and low-profit month. We’ve made 13 months profit in a row now.

March starts a new phase for the High Lows with a much simpler service that achieves similar profits with significantly reduced workload and increased longevity for members.

The High Lows start to pick up in March. The Autumn Carnival continues and footy is back with the AFL and NRL both starting their seasons. The return to footy always results in some great promotions in the first few weeks of the season as the bookies compete for the massive footy markets.

Our first weekend (March 2-4) was a cracker ($1000+ profit) and with 5 x Saturdays this month, we can expect another nice month ahead. Good luck in March, Rod
The High Low is simply a money-making machine, heading into March with a full head of steam and looking for an unprecedented 14th straight month worth of profit! With a new and improved format which makes it easier to place the bets and avoid being restricted by bookies, there looks to be plenty more profitable days ahead for the ‘ATM’. Jump aboard the gravy train that is Rod’s High Low by clicking below.

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