Name: Matt
Package: Matt’s Sports Bets
Resides: Melbourne
Turned professional: 2007

Former life

I sold most things: cars, houses, mortgages, kitchen appliances, beer… I also worked in a football (sorry, “soccer”) stadium in the UK at sixteen.

I always liked a punt, and went from the mug punter down the pub to successful pro.

Best advice received

Preservation of capital is key.

Meaning, don’t blow your entire bank on that sure thing on Friday night at Moonee Valley.

Best part of your job

Being able to live anywhere in the world, and never having to participate in the rat race.

Worst part of your job

Twitter trolls!

More specifically, other punters who fail to see the big picture.

When do you bet?

Probably ninety per cent of my own betting is done in-play, as it’s far harder for bookies to create correct prices using algorithms.

So it’s just me versus their trader. And 9 times out of 10 it’s not a fair fight.

Having said that, I’ve made over 150 units betting pre-match for Champion Bets since December, so there’s plenty of profitability there too.

Where do you bet?

I use Betfair, Bet365, William Hill and Paddy Power (Sportsbet) in-play.

Matchbook and all bookies for pre-match betting.

Most frustrating loss

There have been so many for Champion Bets… a few favourites:

I had a Sri Lankan slogger called Prasanna tipped at $67 top batsman a few months ago, which ended up trading at $1.12… and losing.

Last Big Bash, I lost two bets in this game at Etihad Stadium:

  1. Chris Gayle for man of the match.  He hit a half century in twelve balls – a world record.  And didn’t win it.
  2. Tim Ludeman to make 50.  He was out for 49… after being called for 1 short.  Utterly remarkable.

Most satisfying win

Again, there’s been a few!

Back in 2013, I bet $20,000 on Floyd Mayweather to beat Canello Alvarez at $1.40.  That was a huge bet for me at the time.

I’ve nailed a few $20,000 win cricket matches on Betfair over the years.

The Bet That Never Loses™ has been fun for me and members of the Matt’s Sports Bets service over the year.

Recently, Justin Rose to win the golf at the Olympics at $13, and Virat Kohli to win top bat at the World Cup at $12 were decent.  But probably the Knights at $8 for the NRL wooden spoon this year was the most satisfying.  They were nowhere near favourites, and won 1 game in 24 for the season.

Why did you join Champion Bets as an analyst?

I love a new challenge, and I thought it would be interesting to see if I could consistently beat pre-match markets, betting into 120% plus.

The answer is an overwhelming yes!

Debuting in December 2015, Matt’s Sports Bets has been a huge success, achieving an incredible 156 units profit at 11% Profit on Turnover (from over 1,300 bets).  Find out more here.

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