Name: Nathan Snow
Package: Snowy’s Bets and NSW Ratings
Resides: Sydney
Turned professional: 2004

Your punting philosophy

It’s all about value in the long run

Former life

I studied for my commerce degree and then lasted six months in an office job, before making my way to the track as a bookie’s clerk.  I spent six years as an on-course bookie before starting on the punt full-time.

Best advice received

If you don’t know who the mug is in a deal, it’s you.

Also… the best you can do in marriage is break even.

Best part of your job

I’m doing what I love for a living.  I love the mental challenge that is doing the form for each race… and you get to do it seven or eight times a day.

Worst part of your job

Backing seconds!

When do you bet?

Most of my own betting done late now, as the early market moves after the Champion Bets subscribers are on.

Where do you bet?

Since the NSW minimum bet laws were passed I’m able to bet with all the corporates.  I also do a little bit on Betfair.

Most frustrating loss

Singing Flame, 2014 Tulloch Stakes. I declared it unbeatable to everyone I knew and backed it to win a fortune, starting at 20s and stopping at about 10s.

It sat three and four-wide without cover, took off early, was four lengths clear at the 200 metres.  It was beaten by a head.  It still goes down as the worst ride I’ve ever seen and haunts me to this day.

Most satisfying win

Kadazan at a Canterbury night meeting, way back in 2005. I priced it at $12 and took $151 each way.

It was my most important and memorable winner, as it’s the one that gave me self belief: that I could see things differently to the market and succeed.

Why did you join Champion Bets as an analyst?

Mainly for family reasons. The market for NSW racing is incredibly strong. It may bounce around early, but by about the five minute mark, with all the big players in play, horses reach their natural price and everybody can have a bet.

So by selling my thoughts, I can now bet two or three days a week rather than five or six.  That gives me time to do more things with my kids and take on other projects as they pop up.

More information on Nathan Snow’s NSW Ratings package.  

He also operates the Snowy’s Bets package.

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