Bet365 bank withdrawal

Professional punter Ben Krahe is going through an extremely strange and frustrating experience with Bet365. More than $3,000 has disappeared from his account, seemingly without trace.

It’s a bit of a story, so we’ll let Ben take you through it in his words…

Last week I went to place a bet with my Bet365 account and found I had insufficient funds. So I went to make to a deposit, and I got a message asking me if I instead wanted to cancel my pending withdrawal of $300.

I hadn’t made a withdrawal from Bet365. Nevertheless, I quickly clicked “Yes” anyway as I was in a hurry to get my bet on.

After my bet was on, I jumped on the Live Chat and requested a full account statement (you can’t just download one from their site), which they emailed me the next day.

To my surprise, there was a number of recent withdrawals on the statement. I didn’t make these withdrawals.

There was one for $2,000 on the 20th of January, another for $1,440 a week later, and the withdrawal that I’d luckily “cancelled” when I logged on, for $300.

So there was a total of $3,440 gone from my account, plus the other $300 withdrawal that I cancelled.

I called them to query it, and was told the money had been withdrawn to a Bankwest account. I’m with Bankwest. I asked for the BSB and account number it’d been withdrawn to, which they gave me. But they weren’t my bank account details.

I googled the BSB number. It’s not a Bankwest BSB, as they told me. It’s a NAB BSB. Even though the “Bank Name” next to it in my Bet365 account says Bankwest.

So I called again, basically to ask how all of this was possible. And they just went into lockdown mode. They wouldn’t answer any further questions or help me any further.

I eventually got hold of a supervisor over the phone, but they just kept feeding me a one-liner: “We’re happy that security hasn’t been breached on your account.”

I asked again where the withdrawals went, and they repeated the same details: a Bankwest account with the same BSB and account number they’d given me earlier. I got them to Google the BSB number while we were on the phone, and they saw for themselves it was a NAB number.

The response from there? Once again, simply “we’re happy that security hasn’t been breached on your account.”

Next, I tried to verify the bank account number with NAB, as it was a NAB BSB. I have in writing from NAB that the account number in question is not a genuine NAB bank account.

I went back to Bet365 again with this information…

“We’re happy that security hasn’t been breached on your account.”

After further attempts at conversation, they eventually told me there was a change to my withdrawing bank account on the 20th of January, and the first withdrawal in question ($2,000) was the same day.

They finally said they’d “investigate”, but it might take a week to ten days. That was twelve days ago. Whenever I’ve contacted since, they just give me a new one-liner: “We’re investigating.”

My Bet365 account has also been frozen. I can’t log in, I can’t withdraw the remaining $660 in my account. They won’t release those funds to me until I “admit” that nothing untoward has happened with my account. Which of course I’m not going to do… $3,440 is gone!

My biggest gripe is that Bet365 just don’t care and seemingly won’t go out of their way to help me. All I want  – and all I’ve wanted from the start – is them to trace my money, my funds that were in my account, and tell me where it’s gone. It hasn’t gone to this “bank account” they’ve given me. It’s not a real bank account!

My next call was to New South Wales Police. I’ve got a case number with them now. I’ve also contacted the NT government (where Bet365 is based and licensed in Australia) and they’ve been very helpful so far. They got back to me very quickly by email and phone, and they’re passing it onto the NT Racing Commission. The NTRC will deal with it in terms of integrity, and the police will deal with whoever’s taken the money.

All of this could’ve been avoided by Bet365 just doing a trace and telling me where my money went.

If it’s been stolen, I just need to know where it’s gone so I can pass that information onto the police. But they’ve just said my account hasn’t been breached, so I must have withdrawn it myself. Which, of course, I didn’t.

I asked, if that was the case, why I’d send it to a NAB bank account number that doesn’t exist. They said that the account number must have been a typo on my behalf.

I also asked them… even putting my case aside for a minute, are they not concerned that their system allows there to be a withdrawal account which has a Bank Name (Bankwest) and a BSB (NAB) that don’t match? They just replied “our IT team is happy with the banking system.”

As my account’s locked, I can’t even go in to take screenshots of information that the police and NT Government have requested. I’m just lucky that’s the first thing I did when this happened, before they locked the account, so I have some records.

My questions to them are:

  1. Why don’t they care!? It’s a customer’s money and their response has been terrible.
  2. Something untoward has obviously happened here – if it was me making the withdrawals, why would I report it to the police to be investigated?
  3. How can there be a withdrawal to a bank account that doesn’t exist? It’s a NAB BSB, and NAB has told me the account number is invalid.
  4. How can their system allow a Bank Name and BSB that doesn’t match?
  5. If somebody has changed the bank details, withdrawn cash, then changed them again to the false details, how can they not have a record of that?
  6. Why won’t they just do a trace of the transactions with their bank and tell me where the money has gone? If it’s a hacking scam, or somebody has accessed my account and withdrawn it, I can give all that information to the authorities and it can be chased up. I’ve worked at bookmakers before. If anything strange like this happened, the first thing we’d do is work with the bank to trace where it’d gone.
  7. If there are ID requirements when signing up for an account, and card verification requirements when depositing money, how is it possible for somebody to just change withdrawal details and make a withdrawal – just take the cash – with no verification requirements for the bank account?


#365gate update – The remaining $660 odd in my acct has been released to me and withdrawn .. tyvm to the NT Govt for their help … rest of it. remains ongoing

— Ben Krahe (@benkrahe) February 6, 2019

We have another update…the mystery of exactly what happened remains, but Ben has been re-credited the $3,440 by Bet365.

We’ve offered Bet 365 the opportunity to provide a response but haven’t heard back at this stage. So once again in Ben’s words:

Yesterday I got a call from a betting supervisor at Bet365 in Darwin. They told me that I’d be getting my money back. They’ve opened a new account for me to use and the money has gone in there.

I would point out that the bookmaking and licensing authorities in the Northern Territory have been very, very helpful throughout the whole process. They’ve been emailing me with updates multiple times per week, and I was given the direct number of somebody there who I can speak to any time. They got the remaining balance in my original account (around $660) back for me initially, and I think have been influential in getting this result as well.

They’ve been fantastic. If anybody has had any issue with a NT-licensed bookmaker I’d encourage them to follow up with them straight away because they were very good with this case. I can’t recommend that enough.

I guess that’s the lesson here. I wasn’t getting any response from the bookmaker originally, and (depending on the amount) many people might just leave it there. But you do have avenues to go through.

And keep a close eye on your accounts! Amounts are relative for everybody depending on how many accounts you have and much money you have in them, but you wouldn’t want an amount to go missing and not notice it.

I’m also going to request a weekly statement for my Bet365 account is emailed to me. A few bookmakers used to do that, but I don’t think anybody does any more. The problem I found is you can’t download a simple weekly statement from the website that shows all transactions for your account.


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