Welcome to the 2017 Champion Bets Betting & Bookmaking Survey


We pride ourselves on helping you become a better punter.

To do this, we want to know more about your punting: what you are betting on, who you’re betting with (and why), and which bookies are providing the best and worst services.

This helps us to better design future packages and better target our articles, podcasts and webinars.

It also helps our analysts and pro punters immensely if they know where punters are able to place a bet, so they can tailor their betting advice to better suit you.

Finally, with all the talk around the industry of current bookmaker practices, this allows you to have your say: we want to hear what punters really think.  We can gather the results and formulate some hard data on what is actually going on out there, rather than just relying on anecdotes and angry tweets!


The survey is open now and will close next Friday, 10th March.


We’re gathering the results of this survey for our own research.  The overall results will be published on the Champion Bets website.

Your individual answers will never be published nor shared with any third party,

If you prefer to remain completely anonymous, that’s fine: you only need to enter your email address if you wish to enter the prize draw.  Your email address will not be sold or passed on to any third party.


We’re giving everybody who completes the survey the chance to win a free month’s membership to any Champion Bets package: just add your email address at the end of the survey to enter.


Click here to complete the survey!

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