Betting Bulletin Monday August 16

Betting Bulletin Monday August 16 with free ratings for Grafton and the weekend’s BIG winners!

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  • Ratings in some form, are used by every professional punter. This is what you get with Ratings.
  • TopSport: 5 reasons why it’s the best option for Aussie punters
  • Punting Pointers Multis, Quaddies & Cash Out with Nick Aubrey
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In this final episode of the Ultimate Form Guide series, we ask the pro punters and betting experts a single question: what are your top 3 tips for a punter wanting to profit from their betting?

🏆 Recent Winners
  • The good times continue for Queensland Winners members in August! Two more winners on Saturday makes it 23 units profit for the month.
  • It was a huge Saturday for Key Bets with 10.5 units profit thanks to Barney’s Law ($18.80), Samurai ($5.50) and Ingratiating ($3.60).
  • Horse Play members also continued their great month with 8 units profit on Saturday thanks to winners Royal Hale and So You Assume
  • It was yet another winning weekend for NRL Tips with 4.3 units profit.
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