Betting Bulletin: Tuesday January 25 with all the weekend highlights plus our latest racing and sports betting previews and articles.

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  • DataBase Ratings Bathurst
  • Blackbookers Trevor Lawson’s two horses to follow from The Valley
  • Value betting means that sometimes, you have to miss a winner. Read why that’s so important.
  • TopSport: 5 reasons why it’s the best option for Aussie punters

💰 Recent highlights

It was a winning Saturday overall for the Champion Bets racing punters, with Dean The Trial Spy leading the way with winners Silent Impact (Randwick) and Neverstandingstill (Yarra Valley). It was also a winning day for Trev’s Bets, who backed winners Daiqiansweet Junior and In The Boat at The Valley. Queensland Winners also finished in front with The Professor taking a nice early price about Dratini at Gatton.

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