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  • A winning day yesterday for Trevor Lawson at Mornington, thanks to an overlay with Signorina
  • 4/5 winning weeks to start the season for NRL Tips
  • A profitable weekend for AFL Tips – early bets out tonight, with the highlight a GWS win at $4.80.
  • AFL Specials powers on with 44 units profit at 33% PoT this season
  • Likewise for NBA Specials, with 76 units profit at 8% PoT for the season
  • What an amazing weekend for Greyhounds HQ members, with 80 UNITS PROFIT FOR THE WEEKEND thanks to some big multis lobbing! Not surprisingly, it makes the Hall of Fame
  • Awesome Autumn members scored 9.2 units profit on Saturday, while Horse Play members won 7.7 units.
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