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Bookmaker Review: Centrebet

Our bookmaker reviews are written by punters, and aim to give you an overview of the good or bad points that each bookie offers relative to the competition.

As always, our overall recommendation is to have as many bookmaker accounts as possible:  they’re free and easy to join, offer big sign-up bonuses and more accounts means you’ll be able to capture better prices.

Who is Centrebet?

The Centrebet brand has a long history in Australia.  Launching in 1992, it was Australia’s first online bookmaker – and indeed one of the first bookies in the world to offer internet betting.  This early positioning made the business a powerful one, and it grew strongly until being acquired by Sportingbet in 2011.

In 2013, Centrebet and Sportingbet were in turn acquired by William Hill, which merged all of its existing and new businesses into one, with each brand and website effectively just a different skin for the one William Hill bookmaking business.  Unfortunately, this basically trashed Centrebet’s hard-won and solid reputation, with William Hill’s practice of banning punters left, right and centre taking over.

William Hill eventually shelved all their sub-brands, including Centrebet, in 2016, with all accounts transferred to the William Hill site.

This was the end of Centrebet… but happily, not for long.

In a shock move, William Hill re-launched the Centrebet brand in 2017 with a strategy totally at odds with their own – a no-frills service with high limits and high prices, aimed at serious punters.


And so the ‘new’ Centrebet was born.   This is being run as a separate book to William Hill, with a separate sign-up and account required.

We had a chat to William Hill CEO Tom Waterhouse at the time about the change in direction.

Centrebet’s stated aim is now the more serious, ‘price-focused’ punter.  It offers no promotions or gimmicks and does little advertising, instead focusing on high limits and better prices.  The racing offer is committed to:

  • Best overall market percentages
  • Minimum bet commitments on ALL Australian racing, not just Victoria and NSW
    • Bet to win $5,000 on all Saturday metro racing
    • Bet to win $2,500 on all midweek metro racing
    • Bet to win $1,000 on all country and provincial racing
    • Higher limits on selected feature races
  • Best Tote Quaddies on all Saturday metro meetings

In addition, through the “Powerbet” area of the website, Centrebet have been slowly rolling out high-limit offers on a range of sports:

  • AFL
  • NRL
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • Cricket
  • Selected soccer matches

Note that to access the high-limit markets, you need to go through the Powerbet option on the website, not straight to the particular sport you’re after.

Odds Comparison

Sportbet are live on all major odds comparison tools. This is important as it holds their prices up to proper scrutiny against competitors, and allows those betting through odds comparison to secure their bets quickly.


What the punters think

The Betting and Bookmaking Survey which we ran in March 2017 was just after Centrebet re-launched, and returned the following results.  30% of punters had used Centrebet at that early stage.