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Corporate bookmaker CrownBet look to have scored a major coup, signing an agreement with Clubs NSW which will give them a presence in NSW venues – ending Tabcorp’s longtime stranglehold over the space.

Clubs NSW represents over 1200 venues across the state, with many of them having expressed concern about the profitability of their existing TAB / Sky Channel betting offers.

Whilst the new deal with CrownBet won’t involve a cash betting offer, it will give the bookie a strong presence in New South Wales venues.  Whilst details are yet to be finalised, it’s widely expected that a new in-venue app will be offered, allowing patrons to bet in clubs with their CrownBet account, using a club-provided wifi service.

Crucially, this app should also allow in-play betting on sport.  Though the federal government is strengthening laws against online in-play betting, there is expected to be an exception allowed for punters betting in venues.  Tabcorp are looking to take advantage of this with an in-play offer for in-venue betting, and the new offer will allow CrownBet to do the same in New South Wales.

Venues covered by the deal are expected to retain their existing TAB offers, with the CrownBet offer able to be implemented in unison.  Venues will be offered incentives to sign-up new CrownBet accounts however, and will be able to completely remove their TAB offer if or when they choose to.  With Tabcorp likely to respond with similar measures, it appears the in-venue betting scene will become extremely competitive.

Whilst punters won’t be able to bet in cash with CrownBet, it’s rumoured that CrownBet cash withdrawal machines will be installed in venues, allowing users to access their account funds in cash.

A timeline for the CrownBet roll-out is yet to be announced.

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