Promotions equal profit

Free bets, boosted prices, bonus bets, money back... bookie promotions are absolutely everywhere. How best to take advantage? Our maths wizard Rod introduces us to his approach.

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Since the overseas bookmaking giants came to our shores, there’s been a consistent wave of promotions enticing punters to “bet with them” in what has become the intensely competitive Australian wagering marketplace. So as a punter, why not take advantage?

When it comes to followers of tipping and ratings services, the issue of finding profitable tips is solved since you’re here at Champion Bets and hopefully have looked at all the racing and sports options. And bank management is another box ticked with the professionals telling you how much to bet. So the focus quickly becomes price. Various websites and software are available to help compare bookmakers on the one screen and back your tip at the best price available.  Job done.  Right?

Well, for many punters there’s a missed opportunity to make more profit on your tips, and it’s not necessarily about backing them at the best price you can find. That opportunity is the promo (aka special).

Every day of the week there are multiple promotions on different races and sports across the country and overseas. The most abundant of these are no doubt on horse racing and the footy codes, where bookies are falling head over heels trying to earn your punting dollar.

Whilst most punters can recognise the obvious good deals, what many don’t realise is that some of the less obvious promotions can add up to 60% profit to your bet (that’s not a typo) compared to the same price on a non-promo bet, and most promos will add between 10-40% on top of the base market percentage. Several promotions can even be backed to make a profit in themselves without any expert tip or knowledge on the sport at all. And it’s this hidden value that can add considerable profits to your bets, beyond the best price available.

The issue is that not all promotions are created equal and some are significantly better (or worse) than others. In fact, some are just a plain rip off and you’d lose in the long run if backing them. It takes mathematical expertise and knowledge to help separate the cream from the crud. But you can certainly use your nous to take advantage of the obvious ones and back your bet on a promo instead of the regular market.

Another issue may be volume. Most promotions range between $25-$50 per bet but you might like to bet $100 (or more). In that case, bet $50 on the promo and $50 at the best price elsewhere. In a game that is all about the long term, you need to take advantage of any edge you’re given, and backing your bet on the promos first (even though it may not be the best price) and best price second is the ultimate method to achieving the best overall returns.

The added benefit of promotions is the smoothing effect on your variation. Money Back for 2nd or 3rd means while your horse may lose, if it places you get your stake back which obviously creates a more consistent ride upwards. Losing months will occur on any set of profitable selections – that’s punting – but losing months on your subset of good value promo bets will be a rarity.

So next time, before slamming on your bets at the best price you can find, consider whether there are promos around. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the improvement to your bottom line.

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The first bonuses to consider are those offered by bookies on sign-up.  If there’s any bookies you’re not yet a member of, visit our Free Bets page to grab some juicy bonuses just for being a new customer.