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If life as a wagering professional is what you desire, you need 100% clarity and focus each day to give yourself the best chance possible to be winning each year.

In other workplaces if you show up hungover, not in the mood or are just chasing your tail you might be able to cruise through the day.

But this is not the case with punting.

I think we have all found ourselves stuck in the middle of a losing streak, feeling like you are working harder and yet the results are getting worse. In the world of gambling the correct mindset is relaxed, focused and in control as this will give you the best clarity in your decision making.

Like any job, the daily grind of doing the same thing over and over again will wear the brightest minds down. The very early starts coupled with hours and hours of race replays and dealing with numbers can take its toll, especially as most professional punters work alone.

How do we spot the signs things are starting to spiral and what should we do to refocus? I spoke to some of the Champion Bets analysts for tips on how they stay focused through a long punting year.

Trevor Lawson – Champion Bets Melbourne Analyst

“I like to get away for a week to freshen up once every 2-3 months, unfortunately for myself this still means taking two computers!

It just means I scale back my form when I am away, I don’t want to give myself too much work to do when I get back.

However, I find just a change of scenery and doing the minimum form required for a week is all I require. I like to fit one of these breaks in prior to the Spring Carnival getting into full swing and then another week off at the end of the Carnival. This is due to the large amount of meetings through this period.

I also find focusing on just Melbourne metro meetings I can sometimes have multiple days off per week to get away and come back to the form feeling recharged.”

Melbourne ratings Trevor Lawson

Nathan Snow – Champion Bets Sydney Analyst

“I have just come back from a week away with no form or replays and it has given me clarity and energy to attack the form again. I am fortunate to have an office so I can separate my daily work and home life which I believe helps me stay fresh for longer periods.

I try to take advantage of abandoned meetings or gaps in the calendar to spend quality time with the family and not my head buried in the laptop doing form. If I am in the middle of a losing run I try to take a step back and focus on my results to see if a few days away from the office is best and come back with a clear mindset.”

Aaron Barby – Champion Bets Adelaide Analyst

“My wife loves a holiday and takes care of scheduling all the freshen ups.

I find the most important part of returning is not to rush into betting right away. Make sure you are over everything you have missed while away. I take an all or nothing approach with my time away and spend 100% of the time away from the punt.

The benefit of SA racing is less meetings = less catch up = easier to take time off = Better work/life balance.”


With so much of gambling played above the shoulders and dealing with the emotions of winning and losing, there has been scientific research that indicates that negative feelings have double the impact than what is gained from a positive experience.

If your head is not in the right place to attack the form, it’s becoming too much of a grind or you feel the losing run has gone on a little too long then it might be time for a refresh. It may be in the best interests of your bankroll to step back, take time off or just simply reassess the situation with a clear focused mindset. This will help you regain the clarity required to get back on the winning path and your bankroll heading in the right direction.

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