Great Gambling Stories with Michael Kaplan

Writer Michael Kaplan has spent his life documenting the exploits of America's advantage players and professional gamblers. A recent podcast featured him talking about some of his more interesting stories.

Michael Kaplan

We’re always on the lookout for great gambling stories and recently came across a podcast chat that will interest most punters.

Michael Kaplan is an American gambling writer who spends a good deal of his time following and documenting professional gamblers and their exploits in casinos and high-level invitation games.  His work is regularly featured in some of America’s (and the world’s) top newspapers and publications.

He joined the crew on the Gambling with an Edge podcast recently to discuss some of the stories he’s put together.  Highlights include…

  • watching a professional casino gambler master a new game then quickly identifying and establishing a winning edge;
  • the pair who attacked a baccarat game, taking it for millions;
  • how being an ‘advantage player’ isn’t limited strictly to gambling: the story of a young (and wealthy) Las Vegas stripper…

Listen to the podcast here, with links to the stories also available